Dr. Susan is awesome. I am so excited to start vision therapy. I am actually seeing out of my “bad” eye for the first time in 55 years.

- Melissa P

Dr. Susan is great and my 3 year old great niece who hates doctors did everything she needed and was able to get glasses with the right prescription which she wears every day.

- Pam M

Dr. Puckett has been my eye doctor for years. Recently I saw her to get help and information, and her patience and understanding has been a God send. She took the time to assist me, and her approach was calming and life changing.

- Shawna W

Dr. Puckett went out of her way to call and check on my daughter after she was seen by the specialist, and explained all the tests and what they meant. I am just blown away by her level of care! 

- Thankful Patient

Our family is so grateful for Eyes on Northshore. Dr. Susan is an extremely knowledgeable optometrist who specializes in vision therapy, and she has a special gift for making children feel comfortable and relaxed. I cannot recommend this practice highly enough! 

- Chrissy I

Dr. Susan Carter, who is a doctor there, diagnosed my daughter with convergence insufficiency – and treated her for it so that now my daughter’s eyes work together properly. My daughter went from hating reading to loving it, and her reading speed has dramatically improved.

- Karen M

Dr. Susan is amazing with kids and did a very thorough exam!

- Wayne V

My children and I have been going to Dr. Lacey D. Puckett for eye exams for several years . Dr. Puckett is thorough with the exam and explains the results that are easy to understand.

- Michael S

Dr Puckett took the time to ask numerous questions in order to locate the problem. I definitely recommend her and will be using her in the future.

- Carol C

The staff was so friendly and accommodating to us and our energetic (and loud) young sons. The doctor was very knowledgeable and gave us some good feedback on getting our youngest prescribed for some prism glasses. We’ll be back again

- Joe U

Dr. Susan is AMAZING with my kids. I now have two “future eye doctors” after our visit and how captivated they were with her every move!

- Melissa H

My children have special eyes!! My daughter fell is LOVE with Dr Susan!! Dr Susan was able to test my daughter (who at the time could not read and had a hard time understanding some of the picture questions) but with such kindness Dr Susan was able to get all done.

- Stacey C

Dr. Puckett is the best out there.

- Chris R

Dr. Lacey Puckett checked my retina carefully and recommended I have it checked by a retina specialist. She even made an appointment for me. When I went to the specialist he said that Dr. Puckett was really good. He found a small tear and lasered it that day. Thanks Dr. Puckett for saving my eye.

- Richard R